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A complete List of The Skills Required Across Australia

Skills in Demand

Australia boasts an exceptional standard of living, earning its reputation as the most desirable destination for skilled professionals from the UK.

When considering emigration as a skilled migrant, the pivotal factor is the demand for your skill set. Unfortunately, only the professions listed below are currently in demand and, hence, eligible for emigration as skilled workers. We hope your profession is among those listed.

The Quota System

Each year, in collaboration with ANZSCO, the Australian Government establishes the quota of skilled workers to be accepted within each profession.

The list of skills is updated annually based on the needs of local employers.

This quota system safeguards both skilled migrants and the Australian economy by accepting only the exact number of workers needed to fill the demand within each specified profession.

If your skills are listed as in demand this year, you can anticipate job opportunities upon arrival, with employers ready to offer attractive salaries due to the scarcity of such skills within the local labour market.

Finally, as with any recruitment process, Australia selects candidates believed to offer the most significant benefits.

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Finding Your Profession

Utilise the search tool below or browse through our comprehensive list of skills in demand. Once you locate your job title, click on it to be directed to the page explaining how to qualify as a skilled migrant in your chosen profession. Best of luck.

It’s crucial to note that once the Australian Government meets its quota for specific skills, those skills will be removed from the list, thereby closing the opportunity for emigration under those particular professions until further notice.

Skills in Demand List

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Transferring Your Skills
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