Hold Shares to Receive Permanent Residency in Canada

Emigrate to Canada

Canadian Emigration for Shareholders

No previous business experience is required. 

 We will help you find the perfect emigration-compliant shares. 

The Benefits

Receive unconditional, irrevocable Permanent Residence status in Canada on arrival for your family.

Success Assured

With Canada’s ex-immigration Minister as part of our team, our solutions are tried and tested at the highest levels. While previous success does not guarantee future outcomes, we are proud of our 100% success rate to date.

Sterling 2 (7)


No Upper Age Limit

No Qualifications or Experience Required

Facilitated by Canada’s ex-Immigration Minister

Supported by Canada’s ex-head of Immigration

Hold shares to become a Permanent Resident on arrival

100% Success Rate: We use our own designated organisations to assess the business plan and due diligence report

Applicants have the option to apply for a Work Permit to accelerate their move to Canada

All dependents receive Permanent Residency on arrival

Shares from USD$ 200,000

Processing Times

Due to high demand, the processing times are now 12-18 months. However, Canada is working hard to reduce these processing times during 2024.

A Truly Exceptional Quality of Life


Creating Compliant Opportuinites
  • CV Appraisal
  • Previous Business Experience
  • Previous Investment Experience
  • Financial Statement Evaluation
  • Selecting a Business
  • Incorporation if required
  • Interview Preparation
  • Business Documentation
  • Financial Records Preparation

Expressing an Interest

Declaring Your Intention
  • Scrutiny of Documents
  • Family Records Review
  • Affidavit Guidance
  • English Test Direction
  • Partners Details Evaluation
  • Optimisation of Partners CV
  • Preparation of Personal Financial Statements
  • Drafting a Report on Connections to Canada
  • Provide Online Access to Track Case

Federal Visa

Preparing to Emigrate
  • Review of Documents
  • Detailing Dual Nationalities
  • Previous relationships Report
  • Dependancy of Children Affirmed
  • Preparation of Tax Records
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Aid with Medical Report
  • Compiling Evidence of Relationships
  • Provide Online Access to Track Case