Permanent Residency For Entrepreneurs

The Easiest Way To Emigrate To Canada

No previous business experience is required.

No upper age limit

No points test required

Permanent Residency on arrival for your family

If the business closes it does not affect your Residency

You can close the business on arrival in Canada if you wish

Emigrate within 12 months

The Perfect Emigration Route

For many  clients this is the perfect emigration route to Canada. Successful candidates receive unconditional, irrevocable Permanent Residency in Canada on arrival for the whole family.

How Do I Become a Shareholder?

 Our team will ensure that you will hold the correct emigration-compliant shares.

What if The Business Closes When I Arrive in Canada?

Once you receive permanent residency, you are free to dispose of the business if you wish to do so. Your PR will not be affected.

Success is Assured

We are proud to have a former Canadian Immigration Minister and a former Head of Canadian Immigration working along side our emigration lawyers as part of our legal team.

 It is important to note that previous success does not guarantee future outcomes. That said, we are proud of our 100% success rate for this emigration route to date.

Our Lawyers are members of the  Law Society of Upper Canada – For your peace of mind

Who Benefits From Our Emigration by Investment Solutions

 Our clients include young families, Small and medium-sized business owners, Private high-net-worth individuals and FTSE 100 corporations, along with several highly talented individuals from the music, sports, and entertainment world.
Whoever you are, you can be confident that we will manage your case with the utmost care.


Simply become a compliant shareholder in Canada.

Processing Times

Processing times are currently 12-18 months. However, Canada is working hard to reduce these wait times during 2024.

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Introduction to the Start-Up Visa Program

Canada’s Start-Up Visa Program (SUV) presents a unique opportunity for us to offer an emigration compliant shares to our clients so they may secure Permanent Residency in Canada. 

This program is particularly attractive for those who require more certainty than the Express Entry system can provide.

The Essence of the Program

A critical requirement of the program is obtaining a Letter of Support from a designated organisation approved by the Canadian Government.

We are delighted to facilitate such support for our clients as part of our service.

Pathways Within the SUV Program

The program offers three distinct pathways for obtaining the necessary Letter of Support, each tailored to different entrepreneurial needs and objectives.

Working together we tailor the most suitable pathway to meet our clients’ individual requirements.

“Making Emigration Easy”

We Tailor Everything to Meet Your Needs

Business Concept

Allocation of Shares

Intellectual Property

Financial Forecasting

Business planing

Permanent Residency

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The requirements for a Canadian start-up visa

Hold shares in a qualifying business:

Our clients will hold at least 10% of the voting rights attached to all shares of the company.

Together with the designated organisation, our clients hold at least 50% of the voting rights attached to their company shares.

Hold a letter of support from a designated organisation:

Sterling Migration provides all the necessary assistance to secure the support of a venture capital fund, angel investor group, or business incubator.

Meet the language requirements:

There is an English or French Language requirement. Our team guide our clients through this process to ensure there are no unnecessary delays.

Our Business Support

Our team work closely with Angels and incubators across Canada to ensure our clients’ businesses have the required endorsement to be accepted for emigration purposes.

The Wonder of Canada

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