Monaco Residency by Investment: The Complete Guide

The Advantages of Monaco

Tax Benefits

Monaco offers several compelling advantages for individuals and businesses, including:

Taxation: Non-French residents in Monaco are exempt from income and capital gains tax.

Double Taxation Agreements: Monaco has no double taxation agreements, ensuring tax efficiency for its residents.

Privacy and Lifestyle

Confidentiality: The principality of Monaco provides a high level of financial privacy.

Lifestyle: Situated on the French Riviera, Monaco boasts an attractive lifestyle and an ideal location.

Accessibility and Stability

Transportation: Monaco offers excellent accessibility through road networks, sea routes, and the nearby Nice International Airport.

Real Estate: The real estate market in Monaco is known for its stability.


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Monaco Citizenship and Investment

Requirements for Permanent Residency and Citizenship

To attain permanent residency and citizenship in Monaco, certain criteria must be met:

Investment: A minimum investment of €1,000,000, with €500,000 to be deposited in a Monaco bank and the remaining €500,000 for property purchase in Monaco.

Financial Stability: Providing evidence of sufficient funds backed by bank references.

Clean Record: A clean criminal record is required.

The Naturalization Process

Monaco’s citizenship process entails the following conditions:

Residence: Continuous residence in Monaco for ten years.

Military Service: No longer subject to conscription or military service in another country.

Renunciation: Renunciation of any foreign nationality, as dual citizenship, is not recognised.

Benefits of Monaco Citizenship

Monaco citizenship offers substantial financial and economic advantages, including:

Taxation: No income, wealth, local, or capital gains tax for citizens.

Corporate Income Tax: Low corporate income tax rates.

Inheritance Tax: Favorable inheritance tax regulations.

Monaco coat of arms

Establishing a Trust in Monaco

Monaco’s Law 214 allows the creation of trusts, a concept not commonly recognized in civil law countries. Trusts can provide significant benefits for asset management and estate planning.

Key points:

  • Trusts are legal arrangements where property is held by a trustee for the benefit of beneficiaries.

  • Monaco’s financial resources and expertise make it an excellent jurisdiction for trust administration.

  • Law 214 trusts can be created in Monaco and are recognized in most countries.

Creating a Company in Monaco

Monaco offers various legal structures for company incorporation, making it attractive for a wide range of activities and wealth management.

Key considerations:

  • Tax advantages for companies conducting business solely within Monaco.

  • Strict accounting rules apply.

  • Registration tax varies based on the number of beneficiaries.

  • Various company types available, including SA, SARL, SCS, SCA, SNC, and non-trading entities.

  • Share capital requirements differ by company type.

  • Multi-currency corporate bank accounts with online access are standard.

  • Directors and shareholders may be of any nationality.

  • The process takes approximately two weeks.

  • Holding companies can be established in Monaco.

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