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The Two Types of  Partner Visas

The temporary partner visa

The temporary partner visa is valid for two years, a period during which the eligibility for a permanent visa is assessed. Holders of this visa enjoy several benefits, including the right to work and study in Australia, as well as access to Medicare, the national healthcare system.

The permanent partner visa

Offers unrestricted residency in Australia. Beyond the advantages of the temporary visa, it also provides eligibility for certain social security payments and a pathway to Australian citizenship.

It’s important to note changes in circumstances, such as marriage, can affect eligibility under the Spouse Visa category, and it may be prudent to reassess one’s visa status in light of such changes. Importantly, applicants for the Unmarried Partner Visa need not submit separate applications for the temporary and permanent visas; a consolidated application is sufficient, provided all legal criteria are met.

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Building a Winning Case

To strengthen an application, it’s crucial to convincingly demonstrate the exclusivity, genuineness, and continuity of the relationship. This includes providing insights into personal lives, financial interdependence, living arrangements, social interactions, and the long-term nature of the commitment. Expert guidance can be pivotal in this process, especially as marriages solely for visa purposes are not accepted and are subject to strict scrutiny.

For unmarried partners or those planning to marry in Australia, various visa options are available. Eligibility criteria include being sponsored by an eligible individual, proving a genuine and committed marital relationship, cohabitation, and meeting health and character requirements.

The temporary visa

Allows residence in Australia until a permanent visa decision is reached, work authorisation, study eligibility (without government funding), Medicare access, and the inclusion of dependent children.

The permanent visa

Further allows indefinite residence, work and study rights, eligibility for Australian citizenship, sponsorship opportunities for relatives, and social security benefits, along with travel permissions for five years post-issuance.

Frequently Asked

Other Australian emigration steams are points tested to ensure economic benefit partners are not subject to those same tests. 

Therefore, partners are deemed to be of high risk. Historical data also shows that certain people have used the convenience of marriage to secure Permanent Residency in Australia.

To prevent the abuse of the marriage visa stream, the Australian Immigration Authorities now scrutinise each case carefully.

The Immigration Officer reviewing the evidence presented in your case will determine if Permanent Residency should be granted or if they want to impose a two-year probationary period.

How a case is presented can often make a difference in how the Immigration Officer views the relationship.

No, some cases can be processed within a few months. The facts of the case will determine this, the officer assigned to the case and where in the world the case is lodged.

Each case is dealt with on its own merits.

Yes, you can. However, you will need the consent of the child’s other parent before the Australian emigration Authorities will allow them to emigrate with you. 

If the other parent is unwilling or unable to sign the consent forms, then a Court order can suffice.

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