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We welcome partners and affiliates to join us to deliver outstanding client services. We constantly review our affiliate offering to ensure we are the best in the market. To learn more about our affiliate and referral program, contact us today.

How our affiliate programme works

We have a variety of ways for partners and affiliates to work with us to deliver outstanding services to clients.

Whether you would like to work with us for one, or all of our services, we will have a suitable Affiliate package. Options include:

⦁ Revenue sharing
⦁ We build longer-term collaborations
⦁ Commission-based
⦁ Ideal for ad hoc client referrals
⦁ White-label services
⦁ It is perfect for those who want to use our expertise and infrastructure to deliver quality service to their clients.

Frequently asked questions answered

We hope to address some of the FAQs we have received over the years. As we collate more frequently asked questions, we shall continue to update the list.
What is Sterling's affiliate?

A Sterling Affiliate is anyone who has taken the time to refer clients to Sterling.

Through our affiliate programme, we aim to reward and thank all those organisations and individuals who refer our services to their clients. We are forever grateful to all those who have supported us in our journey over the years.

Who can become and affiliate?

Anyone can become an affiliate. We work with accounting practices, law firms and influencers across the globe. 

What rewards do affiliates receive?

While we never forget to thank our affiliates for trusting us, we do understand that there is also a commercial aspect to any business and time is money. Therefore, we offer financial incentives to ensure your time and expenses are rewarded.

Which services to Sterling affiliates promote?

Our affiliates may offer the following range of services:

  • Citizenship and Residency by investment
  • Investment services
  • Banking
  • Company formations and structuring
  • HR and recruitment

Our team are on hand to discuss any potential requirements. We are happy to hear from our affiliates, even if we decide we cannot provide a benefit or offer any value to the client they introduced.

How to become and affiliate?

Contact Sterling Migration today using the affiliate enquiry form on this page to start the onboarding process. We look forward to hearing from you.


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