Based on the number of people hoping to emigrate to Australia today. It is hard to believe that in 1787 emigration to Australia began as a custodial sentence imposed by British Criminal Courts!  

Australia is proud of its British/Irish roots and achievements over the past 200 years to become the world’s premier destination for migrants across the globe seeking the highest standard of living, education and healthcare for themselves and their families.

For the last 20 years, we have provided comprehensive residency by investment solutions for clients wishing to emigrate to Australia.

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Australia Investor visa

Investors & Entrepreneurs from $1m

Emigration by investment to Australia is now the fastest growing area of Australian immigration law, as people realise emigration by investment is not just a desirable way to secure Permanent residency but a vital part of many effective Australian immigration cases.
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Australia Retirement visa

The Perfect Retirement

Australia has the perfect climate, a world-beating standard of living and fantastic places to retire. Unfortunately, only those able to invest in Australia will be able to retire there. Please find out more on our page regarding investing to retire in Australia.
Australian Parent visa

Joining your Children

A few different Parent Visas are available for those with grown-up children who currently hold Permanent Residency in Australia. Our page dedicated to Australian Parent Visas offers a detailed insight into the qualification process and expected costs.
Australian Partner Visas

Taking your loved one home

It is often difficult to understand why Australia make it so difficult to bring your partner back home. That said, with a well-presented case, it is easier than it first appears.
Skilled worker visas

Skilled Workers

There are four key routes for skilled migrants to enter Australia. Demand for skilled workers is currently high among employers. The 189 Skilled visa is the preferred option, for those who are eligible. We hope you find our guides to skilled worker visas helpful.

Frequently asked questions answered

Over the past 25 years, we have fielded questions. Many are unique to the client and their circumstance. However, there are questions we regularly hear which also appear under Google’s “people often ask” section.

As some of the answers shown on Google are outdated, we are happy to answer those questions here with more up-to-date answers. We shall add new questions and answers as they arise.

Investor visas require at least A$1m, while investing for retirement requires A$5m, and parents need over A$100,000 each. Skilled migrants should bring at least A$40,000.

Australia wants to see that all migrants have enough funds to support themselves and their families without requiring support from the public purse.

Australia wants to see that each migrant will be conducive to the public good and will not be a burden to the public purse. You will also need to demonstrate you will be a benefit to the economy unless you have an Australian family.

Some visa streams set a points test. However, this is not the case for High Net-worth investors or family members.

For Investors of A$5m, there is NO upper age limit. However, for skilled migrants, the maximum age is 45 years. The Australian Tax Office wants to benefit economically from every new arrival.

You may move to Australia without a job if you are an investor, entrepreneur, skilled worker or family member. In fact, to avoid online scams, it is advised NOT to accept a job until you have arrived.

Your options are limited to being a family member, investor or person with significant global talent. Australia calculated that older migrants are at a greater risk of becoming a burden on the public purse, with limited tax contributions.

Boasting one of the world's highest standards of living, a booming economy, a safe environment and an excellent educational system. Australia is the preferred choice for those lucky enough to be eligible to emigrate there.

Each July Australia sets migrant quotas they will accept during the following fiscal year. The quota is divided between skilled workers, investors and family members. Post-COVID Australia wants Investors and Skilled Workers.

In recent years the only way to retire in Australia is by investing $5m for 4-years in a compliant investment framework. Alternatively, you will need to have children living in Australia who can sponsor you. Australia prefers migrants who will pay taxes for years to come.

Medicare requires a person to be a permanent resident or a UK Citizen before they can access free health care. The reciprocal agreement with the UK means the NHS will cover a British person's medical bills until they emigrate permanently.

The Australia and UK Trade Agreement signed in 2022 made it easier for young British workers to emigrate. Australia hopes to benefit from British skilled workers under 35 years old. With a higher standard of living than the UK.  Australia is expecting a large number of Brits to arrive.

Opportunities to emigrate are limited after 45 years. Some highly skilled workers may qualify. However, the most popular choice is as an investor. Alternately, members of Australian families may also be eligible. 

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Moving to Australia

We provide a complete tailored emigration by investment solution. Our qualified experts assist with your emigration case and sourcing the Compliant Investment Framework most suited to your emigration requirements. Through our extensive network across Australia, we provide a range of relocation services depending on our client’s requirements, including:

  • Businesses & investments opportunities
  • Banking facilities<
  • foreign exchange
  • shipping
  • Local real estate agents
  • Relocation support services
  • Pets transportation

We would be delighted to assist with your plans and welcome you to our great country.

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