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Our experts specialise in Permanent Residency by Investment for retirement or for those wishing to secure their family’s future with Permanent Residency on arrival, as an entrepreneur or by investing in Australia.

Investor Visas are the most popular way to secure Permanent Residency in Australia for those not suited to skilled migrant visas.

Our tailored investor visa solutions are often the cornerstones of many successful emigration cases each year.

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Australian investor visas read more


Especially popular with people over 45 years or those not suitable for a skilled workers visa.
There are several excellent options currently available from only $595k.

Australia Retirement visa read more


We are able to offer an option for those over 60 years old. Providing the added advantage of permanent residency on arrival.

Australian Parent visa read more


Joining children in Australia permanently using one of the Parent visas available. Several options are available.
Both contributory & non-contributory visas.

FIRB when emigrating to Australia read more

Real Estate

Without Permanent Residency, you may be subject to restrictions and additional costs when purchasing property.

Skilled worker visas read more

Skilled Workers

Skilled migrants must be under 45, with a profession on the Australian skills shortage list and able to achieve a minimum of 65 points.
Several visas available offering Permanent residency.

Australian Partner Visas read more


Taking your partner back home permanently. Options include a 2-years probationary period or Permanent residency on arrival.
Cases may take up to 2-years currently.

Emigrating to Australia with Children read more


Emigrate with dependent Children up to 25-years old. Discover how your family can emigrate together.
Including children from previous relationships.

Australian Relocation Services read more


Beyond securing your visa. Discover how to ensure a smooth move to Australia.

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