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Since 2004, we have assisted thousands of people, just like you, in fulfilling their dream of emigrating to Australia. We are proud to have grown to become leaders in emigration law by providing innovative, tailored emigration solutions for our clients.

Our Clients

We provide bespoke emigration solutions for highly skilled and high-net-worth clients.

All our clients have decided to engage the services of our experts rather than risk their emigration plans ending in failure.

Over 80% of our clients today are referrals from former or existing clients.

Why Use Our Services

Immigration is one of the most complex areas of Australian law. The individual is responsible for proving their case, while the Government offers no feedback on the merits of the case.

Our solutions are meticulously tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients. 

We deliver expert guidance on Permanent Residency through Investment, Family Reunification and Skilled Migrant Routes.

“For your peace of mind and protection, emigrate with complete confidence.”

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Our Most Popular Emigration Pathways

Australia Investor visa

Investors & Entrepreneurs from $1.5m

We explore the fastest growing sector within Australian immigration law. Our team explains the process and benefits of obtaining Australian residency through investment.
Australian Global Talent Visas

Globally Recognised Talent

The Global Talent Visa represents an avenue for individuals of exemplary talent or promise to embark upon a professionally rewarding journey in Australia.
We provide guidance on the Global Talent Visa by examining the current qualifying criteria.
Skilled In Demand in Australia

Independent Skilled Migrant

We explain the various pathways for skilled migrants aspiring to work in Australia. We also examine each of the profession currently in demand and how you can become accredited to live and work permanently in Australia as a skilled worker.
Emigrate to Australia for Retirement

The Perfect Retirement

Post the discontinuation of the 405 retirement option in 2018, we have pioneered a novel investment route for retirees seeking emigration.
Our service ensures the advantage of obtaining permanent residency, with a proficient process aimed at securing the necessary approvals. Delivering comprehensive solutions to ensure success.
Australian Parent visa

Joining your Children

A myriad of Parent Visa options await those who have adult offspring presently endowed with Permanent Residency in Australia.
Our adept team provides a meticulous guidance through the qualification process, ensuring a clear understanding of the eligibility criteria and the requisite documentation.
Australian Partner Visas

Taking your loved one home

Taking your partner home entails adept navigation through Partner Visa pathways. We provide a thorough understanding of eligibility criteria, requisite documentation, and associated financial considerations. Our hallmark lies in ensuring a smooth transition through the stages of your Partner Visa application.

Why Use Our Services

We understand the intricacies involved. With our experience, we are adept at streamlining the visa application process, ensuring clarity and efficiency at every juncture.

The immigration regulations are subject to frequent changes. Rest assured, we maintain a vigilant watch over all recent amendments and updates, guaranteeing that your journey towards Australian residency remains unhampered by unforeseen regulatory shifts.

Engaging a MARA-regulated agent not only provides you with unparalleled professional advice but also ensures personalised attention to your specific requirements. Our bespoke guidance aims to facilitate a successful transition in your quest for an Australian residency.

Assess Your Options

Receive expert advice on the most suitable pathway to match your specific circumstances for emigration. 

From experts based in the UK & Australia.

Tailored Solutions

Our team provides a comprehensive emigration solution tailored to your needs. 

Expert in the entire relocation process.

Mitigating Risk

Legal experts and ex-immigration officers combine to ensure we minimise any potential risk to your case.

Protecting our client's interests every step of the way.

Make Life Easy

Emigration law is complex. However, your case doesn't have to be. We provide easy-to-understand guidance.

Fast, effective, simple solutions


From start to finish, each case is managed by the same emigration expert.

Ensuring clarity and the best possible results.

Relocation Assistance

From Banking, Medical Insurance, Investments, shipping, real estate, Pets and more.

We have an extensive network of trusted partners.

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