Australia's National Innovation Streams

Applications Accepted From  2025

Starting in 2025, the Business Innovation and Investment Programme and the Global Talent Visa Programme will be replaced with the National Innovation Permanent Residency Programme, which will have three distinct emigration opportunities.

The programme’s three streams are designed to attract migrants who can drive innovative investments in sectors of national importance or play a valuable role in the Venture Capital industry. 

The visa program will also maintain a pathway for highly skilled individuals with cutting-edge skills in target industries to share their skills, provide connections to global markets and drive innovation and creation of local jobs.

The three streams are as follows:

1) Major Investors

Requires a minimum investment of $5m. 

The funds will be invested in an Australian-regulated Venture Capital fund. This option suits those comfortable managing “high-risk, high-reward” investments.

2) Internationally Recognised Talent

Internationally recognised leaders in research, innovation and industry with a proven track record within key markets of significant interest to Australia, including the ability to drive exports.

3) Entrepreneur 

This route is suited to entrepreneurs looking to start a company in Australia.

Cases that secure an Australian Venture Capital Fund endorsement will achieve the highest success rates. Sterling Migration, along with our partners, can make all the necessary arrangements.

An Alternative Emigration-by Investment Solution

Investments start at $1.5m. The invested capital is protected and returned after four years. During the investment term, a fixed rate of 8.5% is provided.

Working with our partners across Australia, we provide tailored Emigration-by-Investment Solutions to our clients for peace of mind and faster emigration success.

“For peace of mind and protection, place your emigration plans in safe hands.”

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Should you contemplate applying for a National Innovation Visa, there exist various measures that may be undertaken to enhance the prospect of success:

Focus on Your Target Sector:

The stream is specifically devised for exceptionally skilled individuals operating within designated specialisation sectors. Possessing expertise and experience within one of the specified sectors substantially increases your likelihood of meeting the program’s eligibility criteria.

Present an Impressive Record of Achievement:

Eligibility hinges on demonstrating an internationally recognised track record of outstanding accomplishments within your respective domain. Often, the manner in which these accomplishments are articulated distinguishes success from failure.

Secure an Endorsement from a Nominating Entity or Individual:

Within the program, each candidate requires an endorsement from an endorsing organisation or an individual affiliated with their target sector. The significance of this endorsement cannot be overstated in terms of ensuring a successful application. We commit to fortifying your case by procuring endorsements from esteemed institutions in Australia with whom we have previously collaborated closely.

This may include investment funds, venture capital firms, or industry governing bodies that are willing and able to endorse your case.

Frequently Asked

At present, Australia covets the skills enumerated below. Possession of skills within these sectors may accord you a preferential standing. Nonetheless, if your expertise does not feature on this list, fear not, for we may yet be able to assist in securing your Permanent Residency upon arrival. The sought-after sectors include:


Space and Advanced Manufacturing


Energy and Mining Technology


Cyber Security

The National Innovation visa embraces a broad spectrum of talents. Therefore, it may not be an issue if your industry is not listed.

The programme’s objective is to fuel the growth of Australia’s innovation economy, thereby engendering new employment opportunities within high-growth sectors. This rationale often prompts our clients to acquire shares in a compliant business.

Securing an NIV necessitates navigation through a multi-tiered process. While new applications are not yet being accepted. The new stream will continue to use the existing, tried and tested migration processes. 

Anyone who can demonstrate their qualifications or business experience aligns with that of Australia, the programme offers permanent residency in Australia.

We shall craft a case demonstrating your eligibility for the programme to qualify. These criteria encompass:

Bringing an economic benefit to Australia

Possessing a record of success

Securing endorsements from organisations within Australia. Such as a Venture Capital firm or an industry-related governing body.

We like to take on cases that ultimately lead to success.

Before starting your case, please be certain that your family is committed to making Australia your new home.

This scheme is designed for people who want to live in Australia rather than simply hold a second citizenship.

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