Meet the team

Our Team Means The World To Us

Sterling Migration owes its success to our exceptional team’s unwavering dedication, expertise, and professionalism. Each member is indispensable to our achievements, and we take immense pride in collaborating with such remarkable individuals.

Our collaborative efforts extend to partnerships with Immigration Lawyers, Venture Capital Firms, Investment Companies, Banks, Forex Specialists, Real Estate Agents, and Relocation Agents spanning across diverse jurisdictions. This expansive network allows us to continually evolve and innovate, enabling us to assist our clients effectively in the dynamic global landscape.

Management Team

Since our inception, our esteemed management team has provided the visionary leadership necessary to transform our company into the internationally renowned enterprise it is today. Their wealth of experience, expertise, and industry knowledge is revered on a global scale. They remain the driving force behind our growth, the catalysts for our business evolution, and the vanguards of our position at the forefront of an ever-evolving industry.

Investment Team

In recognition of the impracticality and prudence of offering both emigration and investment advice, we have assembled a team of experts specializing in investment-for-emigration strategies. This approach ensures that our clients have direct and independent access to leading experts on a global scale.

Our investment partners diligently select the most advantageous investment opportunities, prioritizing not only their potential to facilitate residency and citizenship but also their capacity for robust growth with a well-defined exit strategy.

Relationship Managers

At the core of our enterprise lies our valued client relationships. When embarking on the journey towards Permanent Residency and dual citizenship, the guidance of a trusted advisor is indispensable. Our relationship managers provide expert counsel, oversee the entire process, and go the extra mile to ensure that your application is handled with diligence, confidentiality, and the utmost care. These professionals possess unparalleled knowledge and extensive experience, even in the most intricate cases.

Legal Team

Although the process of obtaining permanent residency and second citizenship may appear straightforward, it is, in fact, a delicate orchestration of multiple processes, each benefiting from the discerning eye of an expert. Our legal partnerships are meticulously selected based on their industry-leading reputation and remarkable success rate.

Client Services

Upon achieving your goal of permanent residency or citizenship, our dedicated client services division stands ready to assist you comprehensively. We offer an all-encompassing solution, leveraging our global network of partners to provide services such as property investment guidance, relocation support, banking services, trust planning, translation services, and more. For further details, we encourage you to engage with one of our client services team members.

If you are interested in exploring career opportunities with Sterling Migration, kindly complete our inquiry form, and a member of our team will promptly respond.

Notable Figures within Sterling Migration

  • James – Partner

    • A legal scholar born in 1963, James’s expertise extends to designing and developing the architecture of numerous Government-to-Citizen immigration programs for investors. With extensive experience in international mobility and cross-jurisdictional legal matters, James has also contributed to the design of several residency-by-investment programs in existence today, focusing on solutions for businesses and high-net-worth clients.
  • Toby 

    • Toby brings a wealth of experience as a seasoned business advisor closely connected with the Australian Venture Capital community and business brokers throughout Australia. Following 15 years within the investment banking industry, Toby now applies his business acumen to sourcing and securing exclusive business and investment opportunities for our clients. Beyond his professional pursuits, Toby is an avid sailor and golfer, finding the perfect weekend in sailing adventures with his wife and grown-up sons.
  • Belkys – Partner

    • With over 15 years of experience, Belkys has played a pivotal role in assisting high-net-worth investors in securing a Permanent Residency in Panama. She has become a highly regarded expert in emigration-by-investment in Panama and is fluent in Arabic, ready to facilitate your emigration journey to Panama.
  • Larry

    • Residing and working in Canada, Larry is passionate about helping individuals find their path into Canada and has provided invaluable assistance to many individuals navigating the Canadian Immigration system. His expertise ensures that our clients receive the best possible local support and guidance directly from Canada.
  • Jenny

    • Jenny, a highly experienced compliance officer, boasts over 15 years of experience in compliance and financial management. With initial studies in Bath, Jenny transitioned from a leading City of London law firm to join our team, where her expertise aligns seamlessly with our international compliance requirements.
  • Alex – Partner

    • Alex’s journey began with a study of law before specializing in Immigration law. His passion for immigration law and his remarkable ability to handle even the most complex cases have established him as a key team member. Over his 25-year career, Alex has collaborated with governments, multinational corporations, and private clients across several countries, solidifying his status as a prominent figure within the emigration sphere and a respected member of the Investment Migration Council.
  • Ton

    • Ton is a Solicitor and MARA registered professional with over a decade of experience, having worked with leading law firms. He specializes in permanent residency by investment and business cases, with proficiency in Chinese.
  • Rosco

    • Ross, a qualified professional for over a decade, was previously associated with a prominent Australian law firm, where he earned acclaim for devising innovative solutions that facilitate seamless international mobility. Ross is a leading specialist in second citizenship cases.
  • Craig – Partner

    • Born in the USA, Craig embarked on a career in law, eventually amassing 20 years of experience in practising USA Immigration law. He has become an expert in residency-by-investment routes into the USA, working alongside some of the largest USA law firms and assisting their private and corporate clients with EB-5 qualifying projects.
  • Folla – Partner

    • Folla is a Canadian barrister-at-law and a Law Society of Upper Canada member. Residing in Toronto, she has notched numerous victories in landmark immigration cases at the Upper Court of Canada. Folla’s skills, experience, and unwavering dedication have earned her a formidable reputation as a staunch client advocate.
  • Requel Ogle

    • With over 20 years of experience, Requel stands as one of our Australian Migration partners, providing invaluable assistance to our clients. Following her own emigration to Australia, Requel assists clients from across the globe in emigrating to states across Australia, emerging as a leading advocate for all potential permanent residency pathways. MARA Registration No. 1279892
  • Felix

    • Felix brings a wealth of experience to our team and is an expert in all aspects of Australian emigration law. His relaxed approach to life and sharp intellect make him a popular member of our team and a dedicated family man.
  • Alexander

    • Alex is a fount of knowledge who consistently lends a helping hand around the office. Beyond his professional contributions, he is a devoted father and an enthusiastic rugby player.
  • Kimberley

    • Kimberley’s extensive experience in various emigration cases enriches our team. She is a fantastic team member known for her ability to find positives in every situation.

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