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Passionate About The Benefits  Of Emigration

Over 20 years ago, a group of former immigration officials determined to make a difference founded Sterling Migration.

They were driven by the startling statistic that only 8% of British people are able to live outside of the UK, even though 1-in-3 have indicated that they would like to emigrate for a better life.

This figure stands in stark contrast to the boundless benefits of emigrating to a country with higher standards of living, superior medical care, and improved educational facilities, along with greater investment and employment opportunities.

We remain committed to assisting as many families as possible to experience these life-enhancing opportunities and enjoy the myriad of advantages emigration provides.

The Genesis of Sterling Migration: From Vision to Industry Leadership

Over 20 years ago, we embarked on a journey to bring together leading emigration experts, investment firms and banks. Today, Sterling Migration stands at the vanguard of both skilled emigration and emigration-by-investment, with a presence in numerous countries worldwide.

Our story is marked by our dedication to building a winning team, working alongside a network of esteemed professionals, including former Prime Ministers, Immigration Ministers, and Heads of Immigration across various jurisdictions. Our comprehensive services, expertise, and global partnerships have established us as the go-to partner for organisations and individuals around the world who wish to emigrate.

Sterling Migration’s Core Values: Guiding Everything We Do

Our firm’s ethos is anchored in four pivotal principles:

  1. Unwavering Commitment to Genuine Assistance: We pledge to offer our services only when we can genuinely make a difference, without any exceptions.

  2. Personalised Professionalism: Our dedication to providing highly professional and tailored services to every client reflects our global approach.

  3. Efficient and Effective Solutions: Our methodical and effective strategy ensures the consistent identification of optimal solutions for our clients.

  4. Integrity and Ethical Standards: At Sterling Migration, we hold ourselves to the highest levels of honesty, integrity, and ethics, maintaining these standards unwaveringly in all our business interactions.

In summary, Sterling Migration’s journey is defined by a profound commitment to facilitating global living, driven by passion, guided by principles, and marked by professional excellence.


Maria Kowalski
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We are all delighted. Without a doubt the easiest and wisest investment I have made in years. Thank you
Michelle Summers
Thank You
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Thank you all at Sterling Migration, your very happy client.
Elizabeth Harwood
Highly Recommended
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Good luck and thanks to you to all the team. I will miss our chats but not the paperwork that was involved. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.
John O'Connor
Extremely pleased
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Sterling Migration were truly brilliant. Couldn't imagine being so successful on my own.
Well done and thank you
Sunil Babu
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"I am happy to recommend Sterling Migration who were professional, friendly, and extremely knowledgeable."
Peter Butler
Very grateful
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"I placed my family's future into the hands of Sterling Migration and they delivered. I am delighted to be able to recommend them."
Helen Ward
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When the law changed, I thought I was finished. I am still amazed you managed to win my case.
Timothy Walters
Thank you
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Fantastic service. Very professional, prompt communication and always happy to help. Highly recommended! Many Thanks.
Annabelle Frost
My Recommendation
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After working in the city for the over 14 years I decided to spend more time with my family. Sterling has been fantastic, accommodating our needs and securing a positive outcome.
Jessica (age 7)
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Thank you for helping Mummy and Daddy get my visa.

“For your peace of mind and protection, emigrate with complete confidence.”

Your Success Fuels Our Reputation

Our partners have either been residents of or have resided in a diverse range of countries, including the United States, Canada, Australia, India, the Philippines, Ireland, and South Africa. This firsthand experience equips us with the insights needed to support our clients.

Over 80% of our clients come to us through word-of-mouth referrals, a testament to our track record of excellence.

Offering Emigration Solutions

Our goal is to deliver exceptional outcomes while adhering to the principles of discretion, expediency, and integrity.

We are often referred to as “The experts’ experts” and have earned our reputation as a leading provider of residence and citizenship through investment. Each year, hundreds of individuals, families, and businesses rely on our expertise. Our highly qualified professionals and partners collaborate across global offices to offer the solutions our clients require.

Investor Visas and Citizenship

Establishing an international presence necessitates forging connections with key stakeholders, including government officials, financial experts, and corporate professionals. Our extensive network of contacts enables our clients to adapt swiftly to their new environments.

We facilitate effective residency and second citizenship programs worldwide by leveraging our team of immigration experts, fiduciary companies, and global partners.

Permanent Residency & Second Citizenships

Flexibility & Control

Newly elected governments often change emigration policy. Therefore, the emigration policy is continually changing.

Our local knowledge and global expertise allow us to remain compliant with the latest legislation, often pre-empting those changes before they occur.

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