Meet the team
Meet the team

Our team means the world

Sterling Migration is only possible through the dedication, expertise and professionalism of our team. Each plays a crucial role in our success and we are incredibly proud to work with such amazing people.

Working with Immigration Lawyers, Venture Capital Firms, Investment companies, Banks, Forex, Real Estate Agents and Relocation Agents across multiple jurisdictions within our global network, we are always learning new ways of assisting our clients in the ever-changing global environment.

Management Team 

Since our inception, our management team has provided the leadership and vision required to grow our company into the internationally recognised business we have today. Their experience, expertise, and knowledge are revered industry-wide. They continue to drive our growth, evolve our business and keep us at the front of an ever-changing industry.  

Investment Team 

As it is not practical or prudent to provide both emigration and investment advice. We provide access to a range of investment-for-emigration experts. To ensure you have direct and independent access to leading experts globally.

From analysts to market experts, our investment partners scale the globe to choose the most favourable, and beneficial investment opportunities for our clients. Not only should the investment provide residency and citizenship benefits, robust growth and exit strategy is also a must.

Relationship Managers

The heart of our business is our client relationships. When embarking on a journey towards Permanent Residency and dual citizenship, a trusted advisor is a must. They provide advice, manage the process and go the extra mile, making sure your application is handled diligently, confidentially and with the utmost care. Our relationship managers are incredibly knowledgeable and have experience in even the most complex of cases.

Legal Team

While the process of obtaining permanent residency & second citizenship is straightforward, it is a delicate symphony of multiple processes, each needing an expert eye and ruthlessly efficient execution. Our legal partnerships have been carefully selected for their industry-leading reputation and impressive success rate.

Client Services

Once your permanent residency or citizenship goal is achieved, our client services division is at your disposal. We provide a full turnkey solution, working with our global network of partners we offer the following: Property investment advice, relocation assistance, banking services, trust planning and translation services, speak with one of our client services team for more information.

To explore career opportunities with Sterling Migration, please complete our enquiry form and someone will get back to you. 

Popular faces around the office

James Whitaker – Partner

Born in 1963, James studied law prior to working on designing and creating the architecture of many Government to Citizen immigration programmes for investors. James has both experience and expertise in international mobility laws, cross-jurisdictional legal issues and assisted the design of several residency-by-investment programmes alive today. Specialising in residency-by-investment solutions for businesses and high net-worth clients.

Toby Stephens

A highly experienced business advisor, Toby works closely with the Australian Venture Capital community and business brokers across Australia. After spending 15 years working within the investment banking industry, Toby now applies his knowledge of business in sourcing and securing exclusive business and investment opportunities for our clients. Toby is a passionate sailor and golfer. Toby would say his perfect weekend would be spent sailing with his wife and their two grown-up boys.

Belkys Garcia – Partner

Over 15-years of experience assisting high net-worth investors securing Permanent Residency for Panama. Becoming a highly regarded expert on emigration-by-Investment in Panama. Belkys is fluent in Arabic and ready to assist your emigration to Panama.

Larry De Long

Larry lives and works in Canada, enjoys helping people find the right path into Canada, and over the years has assisted many people who would otherwise have fallen foul of the Canadian Immigration system.  Larry joined our team to deliver expert advice and assistance to our clients, ensuring we have the best possible local support and advice directly from Canada.

Jenny Williams

A highly experienced compliance officer who initially studied in Bath and now has over 15 years of experience in compliance and financial management. Jenny came from a leading City of London law firm to join our team as the international aspect of our compliance requirements fits well with her specific area of expertise.

Alex Jones – Partner

Alex studied law with a focus before specialising in Immigration law. Alex’s passion for immigration law and his ability to win the most difficult cases makes him a key member of our team. During his 25 year career, Alex has worked in several countries within government, multinational businesses and with private clients alike, to become a leading figure within immigration circles and a member of the Investment Migration Council.

Requel Og 

Requel O’g is a highly experienced MARA qualified consultant, working with leading law firms for over 15 years.  Focusing on permanent residency by investment and business cases. Requel previously worked as a litigation lawyer in the area of compliance. When not at her desk Requel is a devoted Mum and a keen cyclist.

Rosco Michael

Ross qualified over 10 years ago, previously employed by a leading Australian law firm where he built an excellent reputation for creating innovative solutions to accommodate seamless international mobility.  Ross is a leading specialist in a second citizenship.

Craig Thompson – Partner

Born in the USA, where he studied law and has spent the last 20 years practising in USA Immigration. Craig is both passionate and expert on residency by investment routes into the USA.  Craig has worked for several of the largest law firms in the USA assisting private and corporate clients with EB-5 qualifying projects.

Folla K – Partner

Folla is a Canadian barrister-at-law and a member of the Law Society of Upper Canada. Folla lives in Toronto, where she has fought and won many landmark immigration cases in the Upper Court of Canada. Her skills, experience and passion, alongside her long list of successful immigration appeals cases, have established her reputation as a formidable client advocate.

Felix Cervantes

Felix has a wealth of experience. A popular member of our team and expert in all areas of Australian emigration law. Felix is a dedicated family man with a relaxed approach to life and a razor-sharp mind.


Alex is not only a wealth of knowledge always willing to assist around the office, he is also a devoted father and an average rugby player. His willingness to get stuck in makes up for his lack of skill on the pitch!


Kimberley brings a wealth of experience in a wide variety of emigration cases to the team. A fantastic member of the team and always finding the positives in every situation.

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