Steps to 189 Visas

Skilled Emigration At its Finest - The 189 Visa



Points are awarded to people between 18 to 45 years old. Those between 25-33 receive the maximum points.

Birth Certificates will be required!



Your technical and academic qualifications are reviewed to ensure they are the necessary standard.

Qualifications must be from recognised institutions.


Work Experience

Work experience post-training up to eight years within the past ten years will be assessed.

Be sure to present the best version of yourself.


English Language

You may be British or Irish. However, passing an English test means additional points.

Every point counts when emigrating.


Connection in Australia

It can come down to who you know, not what you know. If you have family in Australia, they may be able to help.

If all else fails, this could be a case saver.


Criminal Record

Not all crimes are the same. Some will not bar you from emigrating, while others will.

Violence against Women is an instant refusal.

Frequently Asked

One of the main benefits of the 189 skilled visa is that it provides a pathway to permanent residency in Australia. This means that you and your family can emigrate with the peace of mind that you never need to worry about your emigration status. You can simply live and work in Australia indefinitely without the need for sponsorship.

As a skilled migrant on a 189 visa, you have the freedom to live and work anywhere in Australia. This means that you can choose to live in a city, a regional area, or even a remote location, depending on your preferences and career opportunities.

Australia has a strong economy and a high demand for skilled workers in a range of industries. As a skilled migrant on a 189 visa, you have the same legal rights as an Australian Citizen to access high-paying jobs. Alternately, you can start your own business.

Australia is known for its high quality of life, with excellent healthcare, education, and social services. As a skilled migrant on a 189 visa, you can access these services and enjoy a high standard of living.

Australia’s strong economy and high demand for skilled workers mean that there are many opportunities for career growth and advancement. As a skilled migrant on a 189 visa, you can be confident there is a shortage of your skills across Australia. You will be well placed to take advantage of these opportunities.

The task of demonstrating work experience frequently emerges as a challenging facet of the Assessment protocol. Given the transient nature of employment, one might find past employers or supervisory figures have relocated or moved on. Traditional records such as tax documentation or payslips might be elusive. Instances of self-employment or any gaps in a CV mandate a thorough investigation, often supplemented by Afridavids. Occasionally, the requisition of supplementary corroborative documentation is required.

Australia is home to many world-class universities and vocational education providers. As a skilled migrant on a 189 visa, you and your family can access the educational system from primary schools through to University.

The educational system is on par with or better than the UK. Feel free to further your education and career opportunities.

Similar to 36 countries worldwide, Australia has based its tax laws on the model provided by the UK’s HMRC.

Consequently, Australia uses a progressive tax system where individuals with higher incomes are taxed at a higher rate. Nevertheless, skilled migrants with a 189 visa benefit from relatively advantageous tax rates and deductions, allowing them to save money and accumulate wealth more efficiently.

As an individual with a 189 visa, you possess the same rights as Australian citizens to become the Director and shareholder of your own company.

Australia offers an excellent environment for business, characterized by a supportive atmosphere, availability of capital, and a burgeoning startup scene. If you’re a skilled migrant with this visa, you’re in a prime position to establish your own business in Australia.

Top Tip

The points required to apply for a 189 visa is only a minimum score. We always look to maximise a person’s points. The higher your points the quicker you will be selected from the pool of candidates applying to emigrate within your profession.

Our Services and Fees


Complimentary Guide
  • Speak to an Expert
  • Discuss You Plans in Detail
  • Explore All Your Emigration Options
  • Document Review
  • Skills Eligibility Tests
  • Logement of Intention to Emigrate
  • Lodgement of Federal Case
  • Police Report lodgement
  • Medical Report lodgement

Case Review

Expert - Detailed - Report
£ From 96
  • Review Your Documents
  • Experts review of your case
  • Complete Eligibility Test
  • Receive detailed feedback
  • Lodgement of Intention to Emigrate
  • Lodgement of Federal Visa
  • Lodgement of Police Report
  • Lodgement of Medical
  • Online Immigration Access

Skills Recognition

Transferring Your Skills & Qualifications
Stage 1
  • Qualifications Review
  • Scrutiny of References
  • Training Records Compilation
  • CV Appraisal
  • CV Optimisation
  • Affidavit Guidance
  • Assessing Authority Counsel
  • Financial Statement Evaluation
  • Financial Records Guidance

Expresion of Interest

Declaring Your Intention to Emigrate Permanently
Stage 2
  • Scrutiny of Documents
  • Family Records Review
  • Affidavit Guidance
  • English Test Direction
  • Partners Details Evaluation
  • Optimisation of Partners CV
  • Preparation of Personal Financial Statements
  • Drafting a Report on Connections to Australia
  • Provide Online Access to Track Case

Lodgement of Your Visa

Preparing to Emigrate
Stage 3
  • Review of Documents
  • Detailing Dual Nationalities
  • Previous relationships Report
  • Dependancy of Children Affirmed
  • Preparation of Tax Records
  • Criminal Records Check
  • Aid with Medical Report
  • Compiling Evidence of Relationships
  • Provide Online Access to Track Case