Australian Emigration Eligibility Assessment

The importance of an emigration case review

Australian immigration laws are intricate and continuously evolving, subjecting each case to meticulous scrutiny based on its unique merits. Successfully securing Permanent Residency in Australia or pursuing alternative pathways leading to Permanent Residency is a highly sought-after prize.

Understanding your options:

Before making a substantial financial commitment or further emigration plans, based on the information you provided, we believe it would be prudent for you to explore all your available emigration routes.

The four possible outcomes:

An emigration route with minimal risk:

We hope to discover a visa class that is perfectly suited to your circumstances, which you would be an excellent candidate for. This may not be possible in every case, but it remains our aim until we must rule out the possibility.

Potential risk:

In instances where there are opportunities, which may be vulnerable to potential policy changes or quota fulfilment. We shall explain those routes and risks if you decide to proceed.

Case requires enhancements before progressing:

Certain situations may necessitate a strategic pause until you fortify your case with additional qualifications, experience, or family links to Australia. First impressions in Australian immigration are indelible, and bolstering key areas of your case before submission can be pivotal to your success. While it may delay your plans, in the longer term, it is a safer strategy for achieving your goal.


Though conveying ineligibility is disheartening, it is an essential step that prevents futile expenses and future disappointments. We will offer a comprehensive explanation if the prospect of emigrating to Australia seems unfeasible.

Transparent fee structure:

Our fee is set to cover the cost of the assessment. Our fees are also deductible from any potential future emigration case fees.

  • £96 for individuals
  • £145 for couples

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