Exploring Investment Options State by State

Each State controls its borders, as the world discovered during COVID when Western Australia imposed the world’s most prolonged lockdown —even preventing those from neighbouring states from visiting family.
The same ‘Border Controls’ apply when deciding which investors they are willing to accept. While Australia benefits from direct inward investment, some States now limit the number of investors they are prepared to invite annually.
These pages explore the qualifying criteria for each State and Territory.

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The most popular

NSW is currently accepting investors who will benefit its economy. However, due to high demand and a desire to control the number of migrants into the Sydney area, NSW is selective on who it invites to live in its state. Find out more.
New South Wales Investor Visa

High Demand

NSW is currently accepting investors who will benefit its economy. However, due to high demand and a desire to control the number of migrants into the Sydney area, NSW is selective on who it invites to live in its state. Find out more.
Western Australia investor emigration options

The largest state

WA State Government is comfortable making decisions that may not be popular if it believes that the policy will benefit WA. Currently, It is accepting investor visa applications. However, due to high demand and a tendency to close its borders without warning, cases may take a little longer than in some other States.
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Victoria Investor immigration options

The most popular Destination

VIC has the X factor and everyone wants to live there. Especially if you're from China. In response to protect their social infrastructure and economy they require investors to achieve 90 marks in the points test rather than the minimum required by the Federal Government.
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South Australia investors emigrate

A Hidden Gem

Often overlooked for its more famous neighbours, SA has it all. From world-famous vineyards to family-friendly neighbourhoods, excellent schools, a wonderful community spirit and much more. They are welcoming to investors. Check out the qualifying criteria here.
Tasmania route for investors who emigrate

a slower pace of life

TAS prides itself on its laid-back approach to life. Hobart is a thriving city, but TAS just feels more relaxed than many other places in Australia. Currently welcoming investors, it may be the perfect destination if you want to step out of the rat race.
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Differences in State Nomination eligibility criteria

Emigrating to Australia as an investor under the Business, Innovation & Investment Programme (BIIP) is by invitation only. Each State and Territory is allocated a quota of nominations by the Federal Government. The State then nominate potential investors to emigrate to their State until they have met their quota. 

Therefore, an investor must first be nominated by a State or Territory to apply for an investor visa. Once secured, the State Nomination will enable the investor to apply to the Federal Government for a 188 visa.

In return for the States Nomination, an investor must commit to the State or territory for 4-years. In terms of investments and their primary residential address within Australia. 

It is important to note: Each State, under federal law, holds the authority to impose additional local conditions on potential investors beyond the Department of Home Affairs requirements. As per its statutory right, a state may also stop accepting new investors without notice.

We advise our clients to be as flexible as possible when applying for State Nominations. It is possible to submit multiple requests for state nomination simultaneously. A client can then accept the State Nomination from their preferred State before proceeding with their visa application.

Currently, for business investment visas, Victoria presents the most significant challenges regarding academic qualifications or business experience required, target sector for investment and ongoing requirements for the business to achieve within the initial 4-year period. That said, for significant investors of A$5m, Victoria aims to provide State Nomination within 10-days from the date of application.

We hope to provide a snapshot of the current requirements and differences between States in the pages below.

Investor Visas and Citizenship

Becoming established in Australia often requires securing relationships with key stakeholders, including government officials, bankers and corporate professionals. Our network of contacts helps our clients acclimatise to their new environment quickly.

We facilitate effective residency and second citizenship programmes across Australia through our combination of immigration experts, fiduciary companies, and global partners.

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