491 Visas Explored
491 Visas Explored

Exploring Australia's 491 Visas

Nominated or Sponsored (provisional) (Sub-Class 491) Visa provides temporary entry permission that is available on an endorsement of your candidature either by a provincial/state authority or by a qualified relative defined and deemed as eligible for five years, leading to permanent residency. 

Major features for this visa include:

  • Those in Australia must hold either a substantive visa or a Bridging visa A, B, or C;

  • It will be subject to the GSM points test and applicants must be invited to apply for this visa and must apply within a particular time;

  • A minimum of 65 points will be required as per all other GSM Points-tested visas;

  • Applicants must nominate a skilled occupation;

  • Sponsors can be a State or Territory or a relative who is either an Australian citizen, an Australian permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen or either the applicant or their spouse or de facto partner;

  • Sponsors who are relatives must usually be resident in a designated regional area;

  • All applicants must declare they have a genuine intention to live, work and study in a designated regional area; and

  • Other visas, including partner, business skills, GSM visas, and 186 visas will require a 491 visa holder to have held that visa for at least 3 years and have substantially complied with the conditions for this visa unless certain exceptional circumstances apply.

New conditions must be imposed on all visa holders, including:

  • Notify Immigration within 14 days of any change to the visa holder’s residential address, email address, phone number, passport details, the address of employer, or address or location of a position where they are employed;

  • Must live work and study only in a designated regional area listed at the time the visa was granted;

  • If requested, provide evidence to Immigration within 28 days after the date of request of any or all of their: residential address, the address of each employer, address of each location of each position employed, or address of an educational institution they are attending;

  • If requested, attend an interview with Immigration.

The 491 will be a five-year visa if granted.

Salient features of the 491 visa sub-class include: 

  • Live, work and study in Australia
  • Travel in and out of the country
  • Include family members in the visa
  • The validity of the visa is for 5 years
  • Permanent Residency after 5 years

May make your candidature ineligible for further issuance of a similar visa or permanent residence There are certain prerequisites that you must satisfy before filing for a visa under this section.

You must be:

  • Under 45 years
  • Secure 65 points in the GMS points test
  • Demonstrate an English language ability
  • Be sponsored by a state or relative within a designated region
  • Have an occupation in demand
  • Live in State for a minimum of 5 years

Designated areas

If you are looking to be sponsored by your family they must live in a designated area. We will provide further details for each designated region across Australia.

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