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TSS Visas: A Comprehensive Guide to Applying for a Temporary Skill Shortage Visa in Australia

Benefits of the TSS Visa

Securing a Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa in Australia bequeaths several commendable advantages to the visa holder. Here are the pivotal benefits:

Opportunity for Employment in Australia:

The TSS Visa empowers skilled individuals to work for an accredited employer in Australia for a duration spanning up to four years. 

Potential Gateway to Permanent Residency:

Subject to the fulfilment of the requirements, individuals who have held a TSS Visa for a designated period may be eligible to make an application for permanent residency in Australia. 

Inclusion of Family:

Holders of a TSS Visa are entitled to relocate with their family to Australia, which includes their spouse or de facto partner and any dependent children. 

Accrual of Valuable Occupational Experience:

Employment in Australia augments one’s repertoire of valuable work experience, facilitating skill enhancement and career progression. Access to High-Demand Occupations: The ambit of the TSS Visa encompasses a diverse spectrum of professions that are currently witnessing a surge in demand across Australia, encompassing domains such as healthcare, engineering, and information technology.


When there’s a national shortage of certain skills, it’s reasonable for employers to hire skilled professionals from abroad for a four-year period, taking on the related visa costs and responsibilities. However, if local talent is accessible, the motivation for such hires becomes unclear.

Unfortunately, some employers that sponsor foreign worker visas are often avoided by local workers due to concerns about pay, working conditions, or general employment practices. Essentially, these may not be the best places to work.

If you and your family migrate to Australia, your status will hinge on your employer’s capacity to sustain your visa. Leaving your sponsoring employer gives you only a 90-day window to find another job and a new visa. This can be challenging, especially when jobs are limited and employers are reluctant to take on visa-related burdens.

While Australia might be your desired destination, we strongly advise thorough research into potential employers and careful evaluation.


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Lodgement of Your Visa

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