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Priority processing times for Permanent Residency on arrival

Australia is after the brightest and best global talent to work in seven future-focused sectors. To create opportunities for Australians by transferring skills, promoting innovation, and creating jobs. 

In 2020-2021, there are 15,000 places available under the program.

You must be internationally recognised with a record of achievement in:

  • a profession
  • a sport
  • the arts, or
  • academia and research

Your achievements must be exceptional and outstanding. This means you:

  • are currently prominent in your field
  • have superior abilities to others in your field
  • are acclaimed as exceptional in any country where your field is practised
  • have a record of sustained achievement that is unlikely to diminish in the future

You must also participate in a field that:

  • is recognised and accepted in Australia
  • has international standing; and
  • You must have been prominent in this field in the past 2 years

Age limits

You must be between 18 and 55 years old.

Be nominated

You must be nominated to apply for this visa. Your nominator must also meet our criteria.

Your nominator must be an Australian citizen, permanent resident, eligible New Zealand citizen or an Australian organisation with a national reputation in the same field as you. Where appropriate, the nomination should come from the peak Australian body.

Target sectors

  • Agricultural Technology
  • Space and Advanced Manufacturing
  • Finance Technology
  • Energy and Mining Technology
  • Medical Technology
  • Cyber Security
  • Quantum Information, Advanced Digital, Data Science and ICT

Qualifying criteria

To be eligible to apply for the Global Talent Visa Program under the Distinguished Talent visa, you must:

  • prove you are internationally recognised with evidence of outstanding achievements
  • still, be prominent in your field of expertise
  • provide evidence you would be an asset to Australia, in their area of expertise
  • have no difficulty obtaining employment in Australia or becoming established in your field
  • have a recognised organisation or individual in Australia nominate you as global talent from within your area of expertise

Places are also available to Masters and PhD students who can demonstrate their exceptional talent and international recognition across the target sectors.

High-income threshold

You should have the ability to attract a salary at or above the Fair Work high-income threshold of AUD 153,600. This figure is adjusted annually on 1 July.

In assessing this, we will consider:

  • your current salary as shown through payslips or a contract, or
  • future job offers outlining remuneration, or
  • recent PhD or Masters graduates in the target sectors

Next steps

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