188a visa for Australia

How Entrepreneurs Secure Australian Visas Without Investing

The 188e visa stream is for high-tech, scalable startups with multi-million dollar growth forecasted in the first five years. This growth forecast must be verified by industry experts, i.e. Google, Microsoft or a university-led business incubation programme.

The business must also secure an external funding source for a successful 188e visa case alongside industry approval.

Alternatively, if you prefer to buy a small, emigration-compliant business in a more relaxed yet profitable environment, you may be interested in the popular business visa solution from A$1.5m.

Let us now focus on emigration to Australia as an entrepreneur.

Source of external investment

The list changes depending on the state nominating the business. However, sources that are recognised across Australia include:

  • Stone & Chalk – It is the largest dedicated startup and scaleup innovation community in Australia, with hubs in Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. In South Australia, Stone & Chalk, based at Lot Fourteen, is the innovation precinct that is making a global impact and co-locates with world-leading organisations and startups such as Myriota, the Australian Institute for Machine Learning, Google and the Australian Space Agency.
  • New Venture Institute (NVI) – Located in Australia’s most awarded Innovation District at Tonsley, Flinders New Venture Institute provides a range of programs and services to a vibrant community of startups and businesses in six focus sectors that reflect Flinders University’s areas of strength, growth, and research: Advanced Manufacturing; Creative Industries; Education; Energy, Water, and Sustainability; Health; Wine, Tourism, and AgTech.
  • Moonshots – aims to have startups with great business plans join them to work with their “been there doing it” Entrepreneurs to build globally scalable investable businesses. They love Creative, Space, BioTech, AI/Hi-Tech, AgTech, Education and  Defence Industries and as long as people have a growth mindset, where they come from is of no interest!

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