Australia investor visa 1.5m

Emigration by investment from $1.5m

Our Investment Visa Scheme

This scheme unfolds a comprehensive pathway towards securing a Permanent Residency in Australia. Our bespoke scheme facilitates investors to procure compliant shares for $500,000 whilst securely allocating $1 million for a guaranteed return of 7.5%.

Features and Benefits

The design of this scheme is to beckon overseas investors to the Australian shores, thereby infusing local economies with direct foreign investment.

$500,000 earmarked for shares in a business

$1 million channelled into a fixed-interest account

Provisions to work, live, study and retire

An unparalleled standard of living

Access to world-class education and healthcare infrastructure

Inclusion of your spouse and offspring

Eligibility to apply for Permanent Residency after a 4-year tenure

Visa procurement within a scant few months

Continued support following arrival

Exemption from tax on global income for the initial 4-year period

This scheme paves the way for all investors, alongside their spouses and dependent children, towards permanent residency. Post a five-year period, your family may stand eligible for Australian citizenship. Citizenship.

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Frequently Asked

The minimum requirement:

  • Shareholdings in a business with a turnover of at least AUD 750,000 for at least two of the last four fiscal years.


Previous business owner or experience within the senior management team of a Plc. is required to own a business in Australia for emigration purposes.


Those deemed to have experience in more sophisticated business arrangements may be eligible for further points. 

These include trademarks, joint ventures, patents and registered designs.

They may include your assets, your partner or combined in each of the preceding two fiscal years immediately before the time of invitation.

You are required to be under 55 years of age unless the nominating state or territory certifies that you will make an exceptional economic benefit.

We have discovered with a persuasive argument there is flexibility around the cut-off age in certain cases.

Those holding an Irish, British, New Zealand, Canadian or USA passport automatically secure the points for vocational English. For additional points, you may sit an exam to demonstrate you are proficient in English. 

A degree is not a mandatory requirement. Many entrepreneurs did not go to University. A person may use a trade certificate or other academic qualifications to demonstrate their education. 

Where a business aligns with a state’s social or economic plans, the State may elect to offer a special endorsement. This endorsement provides additional support in securing the visa.

Each state has their own list of businesses they wish to attract. Our team are in constant communication with local fund managers to ensure we locate the best emigration by investment opportunities.