132b visas

132b visas approved within 12 mths - Permanent Residency on arrival

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The 132 visa stream provides Permanent Residency on arrival and takes 12 months to complete in 75% of cases.

The 132b visa is the most popular, easiest and most effective way to emigrate to Australia today.

Australian permanent residency & Citizenship by investment is no longer the preserve of the few. Migration Investment programmes for Australia are now the fastest growing area of immigration law as people come to realise Australian residency by investment is not just a desirable way to emigrate but, a vital part of many effective Australian immigration cases.

The purpose of the 132b visa

Combing our legal expertise, the opportunities afforded by our regulated Australian Venture Capital Fund Managers and Business Brokers across Australia we deliver a complete solution.

132b visa requirements in brief:

The 132b provides permanent residency immediately on arrival in Australia.

  • Holding significant shares in a compliant business
  • An Australian Venture Capital Fund to commit an investment of no less than AUD$ 1 million to the business – It is NOT your capital that must be invested.
  • The business must demonstrate the benefit it will bring to Australia

The allocated quota of 132b visas available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

The benefits of the 132b visa

  • No Death, Inheritance Taxes, No Taxation on World Wide Income
  • AAA Rated Economy
  • Permanent Residency granted – On arrival
  • No restrictions on purchasing property
  • Dual Citizenship permitted
  • No maximum age limit
  • Access to free education
  • Access to Medicare
  • Fast, easy process to secure your permanent residence
  • PR for your partner and children (Under 23 yrs)

All our services are tailored throughout the process to meet our client’s requirements.

Why is this option not more widely used?

Venture Capital funds are selective over which projects they will support. Sterling Migration over the years has proven our clients bring exceptional benefits as shareholders and to the greater of Australia.

Our clients today benefit from relationships built over many years by clients we proudly served previously.

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132b Visas for Australia solutions

Qualifying shareholdings

Australia expects those approved Venture Capital firms to select the businesses they are willing to invest in. 

The Australian immigration Department is satisfied any business capable of standing up to the scrutiny of professional investors, resulting in investments over AUD 1 million, has the potential to bring benefits to the economy and to the local market.

That is why PR is approved immediately, as opposed to those who have to complete a 4-year probationary period when presenting a business plan, without any external scrutiny or VC funding. 

The right opportunity

We are fortunate to have excellent relationships within the business and investment communities across Australia. Enabling us to assist our clients to source the best opportunities that meet their emigration requirements. 

Why people emigrate to Australia

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