The process of emigrating

The Process of Emigrating

The Journey to permanent residency & second Citizenship

The process of obtaining alternative citizenship through Sterling Migration is hassle-free and straightforward. We have fine-tuned the various steps ensuring all partners work in harmony towards achieving our clients’ goal. While carefully managing all aspects of the application and liaising with the relevant legal, government, investment and audit organisations, we keep you well informed allowing you peace of mind throughout. Below you will find the steps broken down. 

We understand every case and every client is unique. Our bespoke service tailors the process to perfectly match your expectations and requirements.

It is important that we know a little about your background and your emigration plans, or reasons, to acquire a second citizenship. 

The information you provide allows us to connect you to the right person quickly and enables us to provide the feedback and further information most relevant to your circumstances.

If we are unable to assist we shall let you know and if possible sign-post you to others who may be better placed to assist.

For those people where we believe we can add value, and may benefit from a further conversation, a consultant will contact you to introduce our organisation and answer any initial questions you may have.

Our consultations are conducted over the telephone and are free of charge.

After conveying your requirements to us during your consultation, our experts can further understand your needs and will walk you through various options. 

Once you have all the information, we shall provide advice on the best option based on your requirements.

At Sterling Migration we diligently analyse all available opportunities for the best route to permanent residency and citizenship. Our focus will be on the most secure channel to ensure your plans are a complete success. At this stage we can devise a suitable longer-term strategy as required. 

For those clients, who require a business trip to confirm local details. Through our travel partners, we will arrange for you to travel to your chosen permanent residency or citizenship destination to peruse any property, business or investment opportunity and speak with our team on the ground.

Our Concierge partners can also arrange you show you potential homes, schools and provide guide tours and ongoing support throughout the relocation process if required.

Sterling Migration will work tirelessly to ensure all partners work together with all aspects of the application completed diligently and efficiently. 

Once we have completed the permanent residency or citizenship process, we will personally deliver the passports/residency to our client.

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