The process of emigrating

The Process of Emigrating

The Journey to permanent residency & second Citizenship

The process of acquiring Permanent Residency and secondary citizenships through Sterling Migration is designed to be seamless and uncomplicated. We have meticulously refined the various stages, ensuring that all stakeholders collaborate harmoniously to achieve our clients’ objectives. With meticulous oversight of every facet of the emigration process, we establish communication channels with pertinent legal, governmental, investment, and audit entities, providing our clients with peace of mind throughout their journey.

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each case and client, our tailored service customizes the process to precisely align with your expectations and needs.

Initial Assessment

We consider it essential to gain insights into your background and emigration aspirations. Rest assured, all information is treated with the utmost confidentiality. This data enables us to direct you to the most appropriate expert, ensuring that any guidance offered aligns optimally with your specific circumstances.


Our consultations are conducted via telephone and are provided free of charge. If our assistance is viable, we will discuss the ensuing steps.

Client Agreement Execution

Upon instructing us to act on your behalf, we initiate our preliminary Due Diligence checks during this phase.

Selection of a Compliant Investment Framework

Once we have established an agreement with an Australian fund, we introduce you to investment fund managers and the members of our team who will support your case.

Case Submission

Our team diligently prepares and submits your case to both the State Government and Federal Government authorities.

Requirements Fulfillment

Upon the successful fulfilment of all emigration and investment prerequisites, we liaise with the Department of Home Affairs to secure your visa.

Case Approval

Our team will promptly notify you once your case has been finalized and will remain available to assist with the logistics of your emigration.

LSD – Look, See Decide

For those requiring a pre-migration visit, our relocation partners will facilitate all necessary arrangements. Our concierge partners will guide you through potential housing options, school selections and neighbourhood tours and provide ongoing support throughout the relocation process.

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute to your emigration plans.