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Securing Permanent Residency for Australia on arrival under the Global Talent Visa streams is fast becoming not only a preferred route but an essential part of many successful emigration cases.

Priority processing times

Australia is prioritising Global Talent Visas to assist in their quest to attract the brightest and the best from across the globe. Cases are being granted in as little as one month from the date of lodgement.

A range of options

There are two sub-streams under the Global Talent Visa Programme:

  • General
  • Entertainment

The general stream is the most popular, however, a number of our clients have come via the world of sport and entertainment as Australia continues to develop as a natural home for world-leading sports, arts and entertainment.

The general stream targets individuals who are distinguished in their field in the government’s target sectors and who are likely to be able to earn at least AU$158,500 in Australia.

Preferred Industries 

As the government continues to target talent from around the world, the scope of the talent program targets 10 sectors:

  • Resources;
  • Agri-food and AgTech;
  • energy;
  • Health industries;
  • Defence, advanced manufacturing and space;
  • Circular economy;
  • Digitech;
  • Infrastructure and tourism;
  • Financial services and FinTech; and
  • Education.

Applications made in relation to the above-mentioned sectors or related sectors, and where applicants provide evidence of their current earnings or future salary being equal to or above the threshold, will be given priority processing of their Global Talent Visa applications.

Applications under other sectors can still be made but will receive the second-highest priority.

Being nominated

You will need an Australian citizen or Australian organisation to nominate (endorse) you for the Global Talent visa. There is no fee payable with the nomination, and there are no ongoing obligations for your nominator.

The nominator should be in a position of expertise in Australia in your field so as to be able to verify that you have an international reputation.

A Global Talent Nominator must have a national reputation in relation to the area of achievement and must be:

  • an Australian citizen;
  • an Australian permanent resident;
  • an eligible New Zealand citizen; or
  • an Australian organisation.

There are some Australian Industry bodies such as Engineers Australia and the Australian Computer Society who can act as nominators.

Potential earnings of AUD 158.5k

You do not need to show that you are currently earning more than this amount to be granted a Global Talent visa, although if you do earn more than this it will certainly help the application. The requirement is only that you demonstrate that you have the potential to earn that amount of money.

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