Australia Welcomes Investors

Business, Investor and Innovator visa streams are fast becoming the preferred route and essential to many successful emigration cases. Investments range from $1.5m to $5m. In our experience, the most expensive may not be your best option.

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Australia investor visa 188a

$1.5m Investors & Entrepreneurs

This $1.5m option combines securing shares in a business and inventing in a low-risk fund. Permanent Residency is available after completion of a four-year probationary period.
An investor must achieve the minimum 65-points required to become an investor.
This is our most popular visa.
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2.5m 188b visa Australia

$2.5m investment

This investor visa requires investors to meet the minimum 65-points required by Australian immigration and to invest in a Compliant Investment Framework. This option is ideal for those who currently manage an investment portfolio. We are expert in the various investments required.
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Significant Investor Visas Australia

$5m Significant Investment

The increased investment removes the need secure 65-points in the emigration test the investor is still required to complete a 4-year probationary period before Permanent Residency is granted. That said, it also removes the upper age limit for investors. To discover more.
Business innovation Australia 188 visa

Unicorn start-ups

At first glance, this visa appears perfect for many younger entrepreneurs as it requires no personal investment. However, it is undoubtedly the most complex visa class available for Australia today. To qualify, the business must secure support from a selective panel.
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How to Invest

All 188 visa investments must be within a Compliant Investment Framework. The fund's manager must have experience handling Immigration Compliant Investment Frameworks and currently managing $100m+ of investments.
We offer a tailored 188 investment solution with Australia's leading investment fund.
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State Nomination for investors Australia

Investment Criteria by State

Each state is responsible for deciding which investors they wish to invite to emigrate to Australia. Only once an Investor has been invited by a State will the Federal government issue a 188 visa. To view the requirements of each state.

Frequently asked questions answered

Over the years we have compiled a list of questions many people have in common. We aim to ensure our answers are concise and relevant to the legislation and government emigration policies in place currently. 

Investor visas require at least A$1.5m, investing for retirement requires A$5m, and parents need over A$100,000 each. Australia requires all investments for at least 4-years before awarding PR to investors and their families.

After the initial 4-year investment period an investor and their family can look forward to becoming Australian Citizens. When they will become eligible will depend on how much time they spend in Australia each year.

Buying property alone is not enough to secure an investor visa or PR. However, a person may purchase property, along with other investments to qualify for PR. Non-residences purchasing property will also be subject to the FIRB rules.

Unfortunately, Australia does not sell PR. Instead, an investor must invest in State-approved compliant investment frameworks for a period of 4-years before applying for PR. During the investment period, they may live in Australia.

Your options are limited to being a Significant Investor of A$5m or a person with significant global talent. Australia calculated that older migrants are at a greater risk of becoming a burden on the public purse, with limited tax contributions.

Boasting one of the world's highest standards of living, a booming economy, a safe environment and an excellent educational system. Australia is the preferred choice for those lucky enough to be eligible to emigrate there.

188 visa holders may apply to enrol for Medicare. We also advise our clients to take out additional medical insurance during your early years in Australia to boost your level of medical cover.

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In Summary

There is four key Business, Investment and Innovation Programme (BIIP) visa streams, with varying qualifying criteria. That said, most BIIP streams require investors to achieve a minimum of 65 on the investor points assessment.

By introducing the points test, Australia is attempting to treat all global investors equally by fitting them into ridged boxes where points may be applied equally.

We believe each case is unique and must be dealt with on its merits. This approach to our work has led to a 100% success rate.

Business & Investment Visas

Peace of mind

We offer compliance protection and oversight expected and required by Australia and our clients. Additionally, pre and post-trade checks ensure they remain so.

Independent legal review

  • All investment products must undergo an independent legal review to comply with the 188b/c visa rules. A fully legal opinion will then be produced.

Independent Trustee

  • We use one of Australia’s oldest and largest Equity Trustees to monitor your 188c visa funds independently.

Previous emigration success

  • We maintain a 100% success rate in securing Permanent Residency for our investors.

Multi-point Compliance

  • Our multi-disciplined team of experts work closely to ensure your case and investments remain compliant throughout your investment period.
  • The investment potential and compliance with the 188 rules are assessed on initial instruction.
  • The Fund Manager presents the investment universe for each Fund before investing. This is reviewed and approved by the investment committee.
  • Final approval is required before the Fund Manager makes a trade
  • The Investment Committee checks all funds and compliance with the 188 rules. This is recorded in the minutes of the meeting.
  • Equity Trustees, as the Independent Trustee and Responsible Entity, are legally bound to review the Fund’s compliance.

Flexibility & Control

Each year, the Australian federal and state governments review the 188 visa programme to ensure it delivers the best possible outcomes for Australia. Where deemed necessary changes are introduced without advanced notice. State governments open and close the investor visa stream within their respective jurisdictions as deem necessary to meet the local economic objectives.

That said, once an investor secures an invitation to emigrate (State Nomination), any future changes to the emigration policy will not affect their case.