compliant 188 visa investments options
compliant 188 visa investments options

Investment for 188 Visas

There are two investment options available under the 188 visa streams for Australia. Each requires an investment within a compliant, regulated investment framework.

Key points 

The requirement for a Complying Investment Framework (CIF) applies to both the Investor Visa (188b visas) and Significant Investor Visa (188c Visas).

The CIF breakdown is:

  • 20% venture capital and Private Growth Equity funds (VCPE), up from a previous 10%;
  • 30% funds investing in emerging companies; and
  • 50% in balancing investments, down from a previous 60%.

Funds will be required to produce independent audit reports annually to show their compliance with the new CIF.

The purpose of the investment

Australia wants to increase the amount of foreign investment through the BIIP visa streams and to shift the focus of investment towards venture capital and private growth equity.

Investor Visa applicants will now have the potential to reap better returns on their investments from the previous conservative returns offered on state/territory government bonds.

Managed Solutions

We provide a complete tailored emigration by investment solution. Our qualified experts assist with both your emigration case and sourcing the Compliant Investment Framework most suited to your individual emigration requirements.

Compliant Fund Requirements

The fund managers must have the following:

  • An Investor Director Portfolio Services Licence
  • Over AUD 100 million under management
  • Manage Compliant Investment Frameworks

Our partners are also members of the Australian Investment Council, which currently has over AUD 34 Billion under management. Have assisted our clients with their investment requirements for many years and provide tailored investment solutions to match your requirements.

Returns on Investment

As specialists in Emigration-by-Investment solutions, our trusted investment partners have worked with Sterling Migration for many years, providing secure investment opportunities that are both emigration compliant while offering attractive returns on investment.

Qualifying criteria

For each Business, Investment and Innovation visa stream, there are qualifying criteria. Due to the often complex nature of these cases, each one is approved based on its own unique merits. Therefore, it is important to explore all possibilities before selecting the most appropriate visa to meet your short and longer-term objectives.

Complete our assessment form for your free guide. Our team will be happy to discuss your options and answer any further questions.

Business & Investment Visas

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$2.5 million

One of the most popular emigration options for Australia.
Emigrate with a range of compliant Investment solutions.

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For those who wish to invest into a business in Australia with an innovative product or service.
State approval required.

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$5 million

Priority approvals, no points test or upper age limit. Making this an excellent choice for those wishing to emigrate

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Available for those investors over 55 years with priority approval. Making this the only options for retirement to Australia.

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Entrepreneurs with compliant business ideas may emigrate to Australia. Enabling their business to flourish within Australia.